4-H Virtual Spring Nature Adventures

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Open to Ages 7-13, hosted by NC 4-H Camps. Registration now open!

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February 22, 2021 Giants of the Coast – Take a virtual field trip to The Eastern 4-H Center to learn about the behavior, habitat, and ecological niche of the Black Bear. Hosted by The Eastern 4-H Center.

March 5, 2021 Stories in the Stars Astronomy – *Note: The story-telling portion of this session will be similar to the session hosted during fall of 2020, but the astronomy featured in this program will be new. Explore why there is a longest and shortest day of the year, plus learn the science behind the spring and fall equinoxes. Then, use your imagination to tell a creative, original story about a constellation.

March 18, 2021 Run, Duck, Hide Predator/Prey Relationships – Learn about the role of animals in the ecosystem by exploring adaptations and features of predator and prey skulls, population dynamics, and competition for resources. Hosted by Betsy-Jeff Penn 4-H Center.

April 1, 2021 Winged Wonders – Butterflies are the flowers of the air! Learn how they are indicators of a healthy ecosystem and play a pivotal role in pollination. Hosted by Millstone 4-H Camp.

April 13, 2021 Taking Flight Birds of Prey – Students will explore general concepts of physics such as lift, force, and aerodynamics, with live animals as examples. Hosted by The Eastern 4-H Center.

April 20, 2021 Let’s Go on a Night Hike! – Students will use their sensory awareness to explore the night and learn about the adaptations nocturnal animals use to live and thrive in darkness. Hosted by Betsy-Jeff Penn 4-H Center.

For questions related to this program, please email Angela Brisson at aebrisso@ncsu.edu.

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Updated on Jan 27, 2021
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