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Did you have a summer garden and have been wondering what you can do to continue producing fresh food for your family at home? Have you considered raising backyard poultry for meat or eggs? Were you so overwhelmed with food from your garden that you didn’t know what to do with it?

Join our 6 week program devoted to helping your family produce healthy and fresh foods right at home! Sessions begin September 10th and run every Thursday night through October 15th starting at 6 p.m.

You will have a chance to learn about crops that grow best in the fall to keep your garden beds producing after the summer harvests have slowed down. Participants will also be given three different crops for them to try at home with guidance from the Montgomery County Horticulture Extension Agent.

The Montgomery County Livestock Agent will do sessions on things to know BEFORE getting a backyard flock! This is perfect for homeowners that are considering raising chickens but have no idea where to start. Participants will get a chance to learn about the different kinds of birds available, how to set up their coop, and how to care for their chickens.

The Montgomery County Family and Consumer Sciences Agent will give you and your family healthy recipes to try at home with fresh ingredients. Care will be taken to include the crops that participants have had a chance to raise from the first session!

Registration prior to the event can be found at

For any questions or concerns, please contact 910-576-6011 or email

This program has been sponsored by Montgomery County 4-H