Fall 2020 Online L.I.F.T. Program

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Now more than ever, being active has become important to everyone. Whether it is taking walks, doing yard work, or bicycling, we have put forth an effort to go outside after months of distancing and isolation. We are slowly finding our normal in the world, but that has come with the price of limited interaction and decreased physical activity.

Lifelong Improvements Through Fitness Together (L.I.F.T.) is a research-based program that helps develop relationships, improve functional fitness, and emotional health. These classes will help improve your strength and mobility, learn healthy food options, and most importantly help form a community to socialize and interact in the virtual world. L.I.F.T. is an 8-week, group-based, strength-training program that meets 2 times a week for 1-hour sessions. This program is open to all adults, young and old. We will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 9–10 a.m. beginning October 1 and concluding on November 24.

Alexander, Anson, Montgomery, and Stanly Counties have partnered to offer this virtual fitness program. Agents will instruct the hour-long class and all you have to do is click the link and participate. How easy is that??? Classes will be recorded for those that may have a scheduling conflict and have to miss our live class. Making time for exercise can change your life! If you’re looking for a free, at-home strength training program, LIFT is the program for you. Let’s get active, together!

For more information, or to register, please visit:  https://go.ncsu.edu/lift2020

LIFT instructional team


Do I have to live in one of the four counties to join? Absolutely not. The beauty of virtual programming is that you can LITERALLY live anywhere, even outside of North Carolina or the United States, and still participate. Just note that all sessions will occur at 9 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Can I bring a friend? Oh please do! They can join you at your house if you prefer, or from the comfort of their home. For our records, we would really like each person to register individually so we can keep a good participation count.

I don’t exercise hardly at all. Is this going to be too hard for me? Absolutely not! Everybody will join the same link at the beginning of each session for group time and warmups. Then we will enter into breakout groups for those who are getting started and prefer a slower pace and a separate group for those who would like to workout at higher levels. Then, we will all come back together for more group time! Nobody will be alone in either group!

I exercise pretty regularly. Is this class going to be too easy for me? Remember, there are huge differences between cardio workouts and strength training. This class is intended to focus on strength training. There are always modifications provided that can help you work out at the level you think most appropriate for you.

I’ve participated in LIFT before. Should I do it again? Of course! We’d love to have you back. Every time you are able to make a plan to engage in regular physical activity is going to give you HUGE benefits. Plus, you never know who else you might meet!

I can’t meet at 9 a.m. on those days. Or, I can meet most of the time, but not every time. Can I still participate? YES, yes, and yes! We will record every session and the recordings will be made available afterward for you to view at your convenience. So, if you miss a session, you can just watch it later!

Do I need fancy equipment? No! While we do encourage you to use a set of hand weights, you can make just about anything work! We’ve seen people use flashlights, rolling pins, water bottles, canned foods, even jugs of milk! All you really need to participate is a chair (that doesn’t roll), and a willing-to-try attitude!

I’m kinda uncomfortable exercising in front of people. What do I do? We understand – we really really do! You have a couple of choices. You can always leave your video off during the program. That way you can still see the instructors and other participants, but they don’t have to see you while you exercise. You can always turn it on when you want to talk! Or, you can always watch the recordings later. The choice is yours. We are just excited to have you join us!