Money Matters for Young Adults

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Money Matters for Young Adults

Even amidst COVID-19, many teens and young adults got summer jobs this summer. Some even plan to continue working as school picks back up. And many teens are leaving their family homes and heading to college campuses across the state and nation in just a few short weeks. Still others are entering full time work or trade or vocational training.

Money management is a challenging task for many full-grown adults, much less young adults just learning.

On Monday, July 27, 2020, we will be offering a free, one hour “Money Matters for Young Adults” webinar utilizing the Zoom platform. This class will help teens and young adults learn about the importance of savings, how to manage their regular income, how to establish and maintain good credit, and how to set financial goals.

We encourage all teens and young adults to participate in this class and bring a friend.

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