LIFT Is Going LIVE From Your Home!

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Are you a currently inactive individual who would like to build strength, flexibility, and balance? LIFT is for you! This evidence-based program will help you achieve a healthier lifestyle while working at your own pace. Most recently completed with seniors at the Troy-Montgomery Senior Center, the program has proven results! Although this program concentrates mostly on physical activity and fitness, there is a nutritional component as well. LIFT LIVE is open to individuals of all ages, and we encourage families to participate together – but individual registration for each family member is required.

While we are all under stay-at-home orders, we are taking the LIFT program to the digital Zoom setting. Download the Zoom app on your computer or phone and simply click the invitation link you will be sent upon registration. Participants will be able to see and communicate with each other and the instructor, but only those with Zoom invitations will have access (unlike Facebook live where anyone can see). Zoom is a free application and very easy to use.

The program will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 a.m. beginning April 7, 2020, and will continue through the end of May. The program WILL be recorded, so you can participate at the time that works best for you, but registration IS still required so we can plan most appropriately for resources.

Particiation is free and resources and prizes will be provided, but registration is required. (Click the red underlined link  right before this note to register.)

LIFT logo imageIf you have any questions or comments, please contact Rhonda at or (910) 576-6011.