Popeye Power Smoothies at Star Elementary School

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The research is clear – children who are healthier perform better in school academically and behaviorally. A healthy child means more than being free from sickness – it also includes having access to safe, healthy food and plenty of opportunities for physical activity.

Unfortunately, many children start their school days off by skipping breakfast and show up to school with empty bellies. Children who go to school hungry tend to have more challenges in school, including lower academic achievement and a high incidence of absences. Breakfast gives you energy, makes you feel better, keeps you from getting hungry later in the morning, and helps you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Smoothies are a quick and easy way to make sure children and adults get a nutritious breakfast. To kick off the school year, our FCS Agent demo-ed “Popeye’s Power Smoothie” during Open House at Star Elementary School in August using N.C. A&T State University Cooperative Extension Program’s Blender Bike. The school has recently received a grant to implement a garden project and students will have the unique opportunity to grow a myriad of things throughout the year, some of which may be included in smoothies – like spinach. Of the kids and adults who actually tried it, 92% said they really enjoyed the taste of the smoothie, and 91% said they intended to make it again at home.

By using the blender bike, students learned how important it is to balance physical activity with nutrition and have fun while doing it.

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