Teaching Kids at Home

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Our friends at Tennessee State University Cooperative Extenstion have put together some wonderful resources about how to teach kids at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While many babies used to spend time in childcare, parents who are sheltering at
home may have more time with their infants. Although it can be stressful, this is also a great time to bond with your baby and start them on their path to learning. Check out this link for additional information about helping infants learn at home.

With their increased mobility and emerging personalities, preschoolers can sometimes be more challenging for parents than they were as infants; particularly parents who are trying to work from home. However, this new independence is a great time for instilling the love of learning with play based activities. This factsheet has additional tips for helping preschoolers learn at home.

Caregivers have always played an important role in education. When home and  school are partners, children learn more and are better behaved. In an effort to control the spread of COVID-19, school systems across the country have sent their children home to learn. The roles have flipped with caregivers taking on the primary job of education and schools giving support however they can. This factsheet provides additional tips for working with school-aged children at home.