Positive Family Relationships During COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has afforded many Americans with a lot more “family together time” than they have ever experienced before. Change almost always brings stress. Some families have embraced the change, but if we’re completely honest, most of us have struggled at least to some degree. Our friends at Tennessee State University Cooperative Extension have put together some amazing resources for promoting positive family relationships.

The Couple Relationship. For many couples, the focus lately has been on the practical needs of making it through the COVID-19 pandemic. Kids are home all the time, needing help with school, or wanting to be entertained. Couples are around each other constantly trying to work from home. For many,  romance has taken a backseat and people may need help remembering the times that they were excited by their partner. Here are a few items to re-light the fire in the relationship.

Bringing the Family Closer. COVID-19 has brought the family together as individuals are all practicing safer at home guidelines. This brings challenges as parents are struggling to keep their children active and find activities that can fill the void of school and extracurricular activities. View some helpful tips to keep your family active and open a line of communication so that everyone stays mentally and
physically fit during these trying times.