Asheboro Plant of Piedmont Custom Meats Names Manager

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Piedmont Custom Meats, Inc. announced today that Tim Strikeleather has been appointed as the Plant Manager for the new Asheboro facility. Donna Moore, President and CEO said “we are excited and very fortunate to have Tim join our team. He brings over 35 years of retail meat cutting and ten plus years of meat plant processing and production experience from one of the largest companies in the US to our facility. His knowledge in working with a highly skilled work force and ability to train apprentice meat cutters will be invaluable to our customers.”

The new facility is scheduled to begin processing later this month. The 20,000-square foot facility will consist of dedicated pork and beef production lines, extensive value added cooking and smoking capability and cold storage capacity available to customers. The new facility will allow the company to expand its processing capability and offer an even wider selection of smoked and fully cooked value-added products for its customers. Additionally, the expanded facility features the NC AgriBusiness Meeting Center, an 1,800-square foot conference area available to local, state and private organizations involved in promoting local foods and sustainable agricultural systems at no cost. The center includes audio and visual equipment, seating for 150+, a separate catering entrance, full prep kitchen for meals and bathroom facilities.

Donna Moore, President and CEO said “we believe that this facility will allow us to offer more products and services to our customers and will allow us to become a major processor across the Southeast. We are investing in the future of not only our business but local sustainable food systems in North Carolina and beyond. A state of the art custom written software tracking system will be implemented to track every aspect of the process from animal drop off through production and final customer delivery. During processing, new equipment produces product to exact requirements including the Marel Icut that creates a 3D image of primals and cuts them to exact weight and or thickness specification’s. New and more versatile packaging options will be available along with a wider selection of value added products to help our customers achieve a more diverse and profitable product line. As the Local Food movement grows the demand for slaughter and processing from producers in and outside of North Carolina will continue to increase. With this facility and additional slaughter locations we believe that we will be able to address the growing demand and provide opportunities for producers to deliver products to their customers.”

About Piedmont Custom Meats, Inc.

Piedmont Custom Meats is a USDA slaughter and processing plant located in Caswell County NC. The company slaughters and processes beef, pork, lamb, bison and goat products.

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