2017 Pesticide Disposal Day Recap

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pesticide containers drawingPesticides, even those commonly used around the house can be hazardous to our environment if disposed of improperly. Plants, animals and humans can all be affected by the unsafe and careless disposal of everyday chemicals from our homes. To reduce these dangers and provide a proper method of disposal, the Livestock and Horticulture Agents partnered with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Pesticide Disposal Assistance Program (PDAP) to provide a successful, free Pesticide Collection Day in Montgomery County on Wednesday, April 19th.  Workers at the event kept track of how many containers were collected as well as the total weight of pesticides collected during the day.  According to the PDAP staff after the event, 37 containers of pesticides, totaling 316 pounds were collected. With an estimated disposal cost of $1.10 per pound, this collection day saved the citizens of Montgomery County approximately $348 and provided residents with the peace of mind that the unwanted or out of date chemicals were discarded in an environmentally safe manner.