2017 Annual Peach Growers’ Society Meeting a Success

— Written By Brad Thompson

Whether you already grow peaches or want to grow peaches, the 2017 Annual Peach Growers’ Society meeting offered a little bit of everything. From presentations that discussed the challenges and potentials of starting a peach orchard to updates on federal regulations that will affect current peach growers and how they produce and prepare those delicious fruits for consumers. All of this was discussed and more. Vendors from as far away as Washington state were in attendance as well. Overall, the peach meeting was big success. If you missed this year’s meeting, don’t fret as this meeting is already planned again for next year. If you would like to attend a fruit tree pruning workshop, Dr. Mike Parker, with funding from the NC Peach Growers’ Society, will sponsor and host a workshop at the Wilkes County Extension Office on March 15th. For more information, contact the extension office.