Get Out of Debt With PowerPay

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Ready for less debt, fewer money worries, more cash and more living? If you are ready, PowerPay can help.

PowerPay is a debt-reduction computer program that is easy to use, understand and follow.

PowerPay will create a debt payoff plan you can follow to get out of debt faster and save money on interest payments.

The plan will show you:

  • Who to pay each month until your debts are paid off.
  • How long it will take to pay off your debts paying the amounts you currently pay.
  • How PowerPayments can help you pay off debts faster. (PowerPayments is the practice of using payments from paid off debts to pay down remaining debts which results in saving hundreds of dollars in interest.)
  • The effect of using a lump sum of extra money – from tax returns or a bonus – to pay down debt.

Use this PowerPay Worksheet Website to gather the information needed for PowerPay.

The PowerPay program can be accessed at:

For assistance using PowerPay and understanding your PowerPay results, contact: Your local Montgomery County Family and Consumer Sciences Agent at 910-576-6011

Powerpay information is provided as a general guide for decisions and assumes the consumer does not take on new debts or charge any items on accounts that cannot be paid that month. Many factors may influence actual results. User accepts full responsibility for decisions.