Eat Smart, Move More Maintain Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge


North Carolina’s Eat Smart, Move More…Maintain, don’t gain! Holiday Challenge 2011 begins November 21st!

Many people gain 1 to 5 pounds each holiday season, but scariest of all is the fact that most people who gain weight during the holidays never manage to return to their pre-holiday weight.

This year, don’t be afraid of the holidays! The statewide Eat Smart, Move More NC movement is gearing up for the sixth annual free Maintain, don’t gain! Holiday Challenge. Rather than focusing on trying to lose weight—a difficult task at this time of year—this free, six-week challenge provides participants with tips, tricks and ideas to help them maintain their weight throughout the holiday season.

Free on-line sign-up is open Only an email address is needed to join. All participant information is kept confidential.

The challenge will begin on Nov. 21 and run through Dec. 31. Those who sign up early and complete the pre-survey will receive bonus healthy Thanksgiving recipes and a shopping list.

Each week, participants will receive free weekly emailed newsletters containing tips to manage holiday stress, ideas for fitting in physical activity during the busy season, and resources for cooking quick and easy meals when time is in short supply.

 A calorie counter, food log and activity log are also available for download to help people track their progress. Participants can connect with fellow challenge takers to gain extra support and encouragement on the Holiday Challenge blog.

Worksites can promote the challenge by downloading a free step-by-step Holiday Challenge Worksite Guide available at

In 2010, more than 4,900 people from 99 North Carolina counties and 40 other states took part in the challenge. At the end of the program, 80 percent reported maintaining their weight.

The Eat Smart, Move More…Maintain, don’t gain! Holiday Challenge is a part of the Eat Smart, Move More NC movement to increase healthy eating and physical activity opportunities wherever North Carolinians live, learn, earn, play and pray. Find out more at

Posted on Nov 23, 2011

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